About Jade Brothers

The Jade Brothers primary focus is sourcing out the quality Jade pieces for our customers. We work with our clients in selecting hand carved Jade direct from over seas. The business started with two brothers who were extremely fascinated with the history behind these rare gems. We traveled to the roots of where these gem stones originated and began our journey with collecting and eventually building our business. We believe Jade is more than just a piece of “jewelry” worn by our customers. There is so much history behind these rare gems dating back to ancient Asian culture. Each hand carved piece you see from our inventory takes numerous hours to craft, not to mention selecting the right Jade stones because you cannot simply find a Jade stone ready for carving. Jade stones are also known for “gambling stones” because you can spend thousands of dollars for a rock that has no value if it cannot be carved. This is where we come in with selecting the right stone, to hand carving the pieces from scratch. The finished quality product is what you will find ready for sale from our store. We take pride in what we have for sale because we are passionate about the Jade industry.