About Us

The business started with two brothers who were extremely fascinated with the history behind the rare gems known as “jade”. Our journey began by traveling to the roots of where these gemstones originated from, personally collecting pieces over time, and eventually turning a shared passion into a business.

From the beginning of our process to the finished product, each piece in our inventory represents our commitment to maintaining a product quality level of high standards, honoring the practice of finding authentic jade, and working with customers to design their dream pieces.

We take pride in how we source our products as these “gambling stones” do not always yield the desired results- even after spending thousands of dollars and many hours searching. That is part of the beauty in harvesting the perfect piece of jade, as it symbolizes the culmination of selecting the right stone in-person, and putting in hours of hand carving work with our original designs into the gemstone.  

At Jade Brothers, we believe that jade is more than a piece of “jewelry” worn by our clients. The vast and rich history of this gemstone dates back to ancient Asian civilization, and we take pride in what we have to offer because we are not only passionate about jade, but also honor the culture of the jade industry.